The early childhood environment at the Little Learning Space is enriched with hands-on learning experiences, real world science and social studies topics of study, and child-centered learning opportunities. The learning sessions will consist of whole group and small group instruction, with the opportunity for children to practice skills and explore learning situations independently.

Children will work at their own pace and on their level in reading, writing, and math so that a sense of accomplishment is felt by the learner.  The instructor will plan activities so that children will be able to work at their own pace and skill levels.  The goal is to create a learning environment that is free of distraction and allows each child to remain focused and engaged in their learning experiences.


I am an Early Childhood Specialist with over twenty years of teaching experience.  I hold a Bachelors of Science Degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Certification.  I am also a Nationally Board Certified Teacher, which means I went above and beyond my teaching degree to enroll in a program that recognizes highly qualified teachers.  By enrolling in the program, I had to develop lessons, review and critique my own teaching practices and submit video recorded lessons and reflections, as well as research educational strategies.  My work was judged by a panel of experts at the national level, granting me national board certification.  This is one of the highest honors an educator can receive for their effective teaching strategies.  I have also mentored student teachers and helped several school districts to develop practices appropriate for an early childhood curriculum.  I am passionate about what I do and believe that early childhood education is one of the most important gifts we can give our children.