The Little Learning Space

Here at the Little Learning Space, children are required to follow directions and instructions from an authority figure.  Children will be required to have an attention span of at least ten minutes in order to be successful with the curriculum.  They will also be expected to have respect for authority and be able to listen and concentrate for a small amount of time without interrupting the learning process.  A parent and child interview will be conducted and an assessment given to the child to determine if the child is ready for this type of program. Self control and respect for others are a requirement to be accepted to this program.


To begin the application process, please complete and submit the form.  Someone will contact you and set up a time for an interview and initial testing.  The testing process is basic.  It is an assessment of how the child will act and preform in an educational setting.


We will review your form and contact you via phone or e-mail to setup a parent and child interview.


After the interview and assessment  will determine if your child is the right fit for our environment.


If approved, you will be contacted via phone or e-mail for further processing.