The Little Learning Space


The curriculum at the Little Learning Space was designed to develop the whole child and to prepare them for the rigorous curriculum of both private and public schools.  With a large emphasis on reading, writing, and math, units are developed around science and social studies themes to create a cross-curricular learning experience.  The curriculum is also designed to work with the individual child at the level they are, and bring them along at their particular learning level and pace.


The subjects taught during the learning sessions include: Reading and Language skills, Phonics, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies. These subjects will be integrated and taught with a science or social studies topic in mind. This creates a unified learning sequence that is proven to encourage cognitive development and cohesive learning, which promotes higher retention rates in young learners.


   Small Motor Development

Small motor development practices are embedded in the curriculum and learning sequence. Students work on strengthening small motor muscles in the hands and eye coordination. Strong small motor muscles in the hand need to be strengthened and developed in order for writing to be strong and legible.


   Social Awareness

The Little Learning Space - Social Awareness
Social awareness is an integral part of early childhood development. Children are beginning to learn rules of society such as taking turns, being polite, sharing, and helping others. During the beginning years of life, children are ego-centric, meaning they think that the world revolves around them.

When they move into the early childhood phase, they begin to realize that there are others that are equally important, and this is where being around a group of children of similar age will help them to become a good citizen and instill in them respect for others.